Tags and Lyrics – The Mirror – Dream Theater

[01:25.18]why won’t you leave me alone?
[01:27.91]Lurking every corner, everywhere I go
[01:31.79]Self control
[01:33.41]Don’t turn your back on me now
[01:36.38]When I need you most
[01:40.55]Constant pressure tests my will
[01:45.53]My will or my won’t
[01:48.92]My self control escapes from me still ….
[02:26.89]How could you be so cruel
[02:30.28]and expect my faith in return?
[02:35.40]Is not as hard as it seems
[02:38.36]When you close the door
[02:42.26]I spent so long trusting in you
[02:47.41]I trust you forgot
[02:50.52]Just when I thought I believed in you…
[02:58.38]It’s time for me to deal
[03:00.72]Becoming all too real living in fear,
[03:05.22]Why did you lie and pretend?
[03:07.97]This has come to an end
[03:10.62]I’ll never trust you again
[03:13.17]It’s time you made your amends
[03:17.04]Look in the mirror my friend
[03:43.62]Let’s stare the problem right in the eye
[03:50.59]It’s plagued me from coast to coast
[03:55.18]Racing the clock to please everyone
[04:01.24]All but the one who matters the most
[04:07.03]Reflections of reality
[04:11.51]are slowly coming into view
[04:17.48]How in the hell could you possibly forgive me?
[04:23.22]After all the hell I put you through
[04:51.82]It’s time for me to deal
[04:54.42]Becoming all too real
[04:57.28]living in fear
[04:59.13]Why’d I betray my friend?
[05:01.82]Lying until the end
[05:04.63]Living life so pretend
[05:07.28]It’s time to make my amends
[05:11.04]I’ll never hurt you again


~ by ghostbugx on February 13, 2009.

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