Tags and Lyrics – Surrounded – Dream Theater

[00:19.08]Morning comes too early
[00:26.08]And night time falls too late
[00:31.84]And sometimes all i want to do is wait
[00:38.86]The shadow i’ve been hiding in has fled from me today
[00:48.98]I know it’s easier to walk away than lookin in the eye
[01:02.25]And i will raise a shelter to the sky
[01:09.20]And here beneath this star tonight i’ll lie
[01:16.56]She will slowly yield the light as I awaken from the longest sky
[02:01.20]Dreams are shaking set sirens waking up tired eyes
[02:07.30]With the light the memories all rush into his head
[02:13.65]By a candle stands a mirror of his heart and soul she dances
[02:20.08]She was dancing through the night above his bed
[02:25.97]And walking to the window
[02:28.87]He throws the shutters out against the wall
[02:37.55]And from an ivory tower hears her call “let light surround you”
[02:57.28]It’s been a long long time he’s had a while to think it over
[03:02.24]But in the end he only sees the change, light to dark dark to light, light to dark, dark to light
[03:09.54]Heaven must be more than this when angels waken with a kiss
[03:15.01]Sacred hearts won’t take the pain but mine will never be the same
[03:20.85]He stands before the windows
[03:23.74]His shadow slowly fading from the wall
[03:32.37]And from an ivory tower hears her call “let the light surround you”
[04:02.19]Once lost but i was found
[04:06.37]When i heard the stained glass shatter all around me
[04:12.49]I sent the spirits tumbling down the hill
[04:17.10]But i will hold this one on high above me still
[04:24.27]She whispers words to clear my mind
[04:27.20]I once could see but now at last i’m blind
[04:42.57]I know it’s easier to walk away, than look it in the eye
[04:55.29]But i have given all that i could take
[05:01.82]And now I’ve only habits left to break
[05:09.28]Tonight i’ll still be lying here surrounded in all the light


~ by ghostbugx on February 13, 2009.

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