Tags and Lyrics – A Change Of Season – Dream Theater

[04:25.52]I remember a time
[04:29.45]My frail, virgin mind
[04:33.78]watched the crimson sunrise
[04:37.62]Imagined what it might find
[04:42.63]Life was filled with wonder
[04:46.52]I felt the warm wind blow
[04:50.82]I must explore the boundaries
[04:54.62]Transcend the depth of winter’s snow
[04:59.80]Innocence caressing me
[05:04.37]I never felt so young before
[05:09.18]There was so much life in me
[05:14.09]Still I longed to search for more
[05:27.36]But those days are gone now
[05:30.64]Changed like a leaf on a tree
[05:34.84]Blown away forever
[05:38.74]into the cool autumn breeze
[05:42.51]The snow has now fallen
[05:45.96]and my sun’s not so bright
[05:49.77]I struggle to hold on
[05:53.78]with the last of my might
[06:13.58]In my den of inequity
[06:17.44]viciousness and subtlety
[06:21.17]struggle to ease the pain
[06:25.03]struggle to find the sane
[06:30.42]Ignorance surrounding me
[06:34.83]I’ve never been so filled with fear
[06:39.76]All my life’s been drained from me
[06:44.70]The end is drawing near….
III. Carpe Diem
[07:04.58]’Carpe diem, seize the day’
[07:13.96]I’ll always remember
[07:19.28]The chill of November
[07:25.51]The news of the fall
[07:28.83]The sounds in the hall
[07:31.70]The clock on the wall ticking away
[07:37.04]’Seize the Day’
[07:39.06]I heard him say
[07:42.65]Life will not always be this way
[07:48.52]Look around
[07:51.07]Hear the sounds
[07:54.05]Cherish your life while you’re still around
[08:09.93]”Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
[08:12.17]Old Time is still a-flying;
[08:13.93]And this same flower that smiles today,
[08:16.35]Tomorrow will be dying.”
[08:18.07]We can learn from the past
[08:23.43]But those days are gone
[08:26.48]We can hope for the future
[08:32.73]But there might not be one
[08:44.47]The words stuck in my mind
[08:48.86]alive from what I’ve learned
[08:53.87]I have to seize the day
[08:59.11]To home I returned
[09:25.02]Preparing for her flight
[09:27.23]I held with all my might
[09:29.73]Fearing my deepest fright
[09:32.41]She walked into the night
[09:34.90]She turned for one last look
[09:37.40]She looked me in the eye
[09:39.92]I said, ‘I Love You…Good-bye’
[09:44.57]”It’s the most awful thing you’ll ever hear.”
[09:47.65]”If you’re lying to me…”
[09:51.19]”Oh, you dearly love her.”
[09:52.64]”…just have to leave… all our lives.”
[09:56.12]”Seize the day!”
[09:58.30]”Something happened.
[10:00.23]”Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.”
[10:02.57]”She was killed.”
IV. The Darkest of Winters
V. Another World
[13:23.98]So far or so it seems
[13:29.38]All is lost with nothing fulfilled
[13:37.03]Off the pages and the T.V. screen
[13:42.60]Another world where nothing’s true
[13:49.84]Tripping through the life fantastic
[13:56.36]Lose a step and never get up
[14:02.92]Left alone with a cold blank stare
[14:09.44]I feel like giving up
[14:15.09]I was blinded by a paradise
[14:21.48]Utopia high in the sky
[14:28.79]A dream that only drowned me
[14:34.87]Deep in sorrow, wondering why
[14:42.23]Oh come let us adore him
[14:48.54]Abuse and then ignore him
[14:53.36]No matter what, don’t let him be
[14:57.38]Let’s feed upon his misery
[15:00.97]Then string him up for all the world to see
[15:07.25]I’m sick of all you hypocrites
[15:10.53]holding me at bay
[15:13.89]And I don’t need your sympathy
[15:16.86]to get me through the day
[15:20.05]Seasons change and so can I
[15:23.80]Hold on Boy, No time to cry
[15:26.58]Untie these strings, I’m climbing down
[15:31.87]I won’t let them push me away
[16:26.57]Oh come let us adore him
[16:32.18]Abuse and then ignore him
[16:38.23]No matter what, don’t let him be
[16:41.84]Let’s feed upon his misery
[16:46.34]Now it’s time for them to deal with me
VI. The Inevitable Summer
VII. The Crimson Sunset
[20:30.04]I’m much wiser now
[20:32.47]A lifetime of memories
[20:35.20]run through my head
[20:38.00]They taught me how
[20:40.03]for better or worse, alive or dead
[20:45.45]I realize there’s no turning back
[20:49.61]Life goes on the offbeaten track
[21:12.45]I sit down with my son
[21:15.71]Set to see the Crimson Sunset
[21:18.21]Gather ye rosebuds while ye may
[21:23.81]Many years have come and gone
[21:26.85]I’ve lived my life, but now must move on
[21:29.68]Gather ye rosebuds while ye may
[21:35.20]He’s my only one
[21:37.91]Now that my time has come
[21:40.97]Now that my life is done
[21:43.64]We look into the sun
[21:46.49]’Seize the day and don’t you cry,
[21:49.38]Now it’s time to say good-bye
[21:52.29]Even though I’ll be gone,
[21:55.06]I will live on, live on.’


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