Introvert and Extrovert, Which is the Good One?

Maybe most of us or all of us know what introvert and extrovert is. The question is which one is the best?

According to what I’ve read in Personality Plus (Florence Littauer), introvert is person who doesn’t like too many attention of the people around while the extrovert is the person who like that. Usually there’s a difficulties for an introvert person to say what’s in his/her mind to others. They keep it in their mind, hoping someday the others will know what they feel right now. Even in the dangerous situation, most of the introvert person still keep something in mind. They just don’t know how to express those to others. Introvert person have the natural capabilities to pull his/herself away too. They are the unexpressive people.

Extrovert person could tell to others what happen to him/her immediately. It is a good day for him/her if in the day they can talk as much as they can and say what’s in his/her mind to others. They have a lot of ideas in his/her mind. In simple words, they are the expressive people.

Both of those manner have the advantage and disadvantage, according to me the best one is the one that you choose and receive as yours. I’ve done the experiment for a while to change introvert to extrovert and apparently it’s easy. Introvert is good so does extrovert. Now the question is changing

Could you receive them?


~ by ghostbugx on May 22, 2008.

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