Bad Condition, A God-given Condition that I Forgot to Thanks for

Bad things, pain, and another bad condition. I face it in my live and everyone else does. I’m shocking when I’m thinking about it. It must be a way from God that makes me like this. Without those condition, I will be like I was a few years ago. I know and everyone knows it too, that the feeling when you got those things will not be good, but I’m very happy, I can grow like this because of it.

The form of this condition will come in different shape. Maybe it will be like a test, a hard decision, something that will makes you cry, a big depression, a hard pressure from other person, financial issue, health issue, stress, relationship issue, disaster, a bad news, or the other form.

I should be grateful because of this. Yes, I need to change something in my life, learn, changing my habit, or do something else, but it’s ok. Day by day, we will become stronger. We will become a better person. It depends on how we control the emotion when facing it. There will be different feeling that will come with the issue we met that we must be aware of. I hope all of us will be stronger and stronger everyday n_n


~ by ghostbugx on May 22, 2008.

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